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Debbie Watkins

Here's some news for you ... and some exciting news for me!

Deb's Webs has been the representative for since it began back in 1997 acting only in the capacity of webmaster and site manager. I am very happy to announce that I have been asked, by Leavenworth Webs, to serve as Customer Account Representative for local businesses.

Of course, Deb's Webs is still a respected, local website design company and our excellent working relationship with Leavenworth Webs and the Leavenworth community will continue as usual.

I am now pleased to introduce myself to you as your new account representative. I have lived in Leavenworth for 39+ years with 16 years of lodging experience and 20 years of self employment with Deb's Webs. My familiarity with doing business in the Leavenworth area is a great asset to assisting you with your account needs.

Because I want this transition to be seamless for you, I would really appreciate introducing myself to you in person. I will call to arrange a convenient appointment time that we can meet and review your current and/or future account on And if you would like me to stop by at any time, you can send an email or call me.   509-433-1329



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