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Each and every year, Leavenworth attracts new individuals, couples and families to the North Central Washington area. Below are handy links to assist you with getting settled in our Bavarian Village. Our goal is to make you feel at home in your new home and to make your transition as easy as possible.

The number one question that's asked is weather! Leavenworth get's all four seasons! We can get into the triple digits in the summer and we can also get into sub-zero in the winter with a lot of snow. Just keep in mind that Leavenworth is a mountain community with extreme weather variations even though 12 miles east on Highway 2 it's semi-desert country.

Leavenworth is fortunate to be a year around tourism attraction which accounts for much of the employment in Leavenworth. It is also common for local residents to commute between Leavenworth & Wenatchee although take into consideration the icy, snowy road conditions in the winter if you are considering this option.

We have an excellent education system in the Upper Valley. The quality of education here directly relates to a caring and hands-on community.

There are several helpful Facebook groups for both employment and information for our area. These are private groups that do require admin approval. A few of them are...
Wenatchee Valley Jobs
Leavenworth Housing
Leavenworth WA

Chelan County

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Medical/Emergency Facilities

Cascade Medical Center - More Info
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Local Media
KOHO Studios - More Info
Leavenworth Echo - More Info

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Bavarian Village Veterinary - More Info
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